28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Friend

We have an unwritten way in our office of answering phone calls – you never know who might be at the other end! One night the phone rang – I was the last one here, and I was tempted to let it ring. I answered the call. The person on the other end was ringing to make a substantial donation.

At lunchtime on Monday, the phone was ringing, and I was eating lunch at my desk – a bad habit I know. The voice at the other end was asking for help. Danny lives in country NSW, now semi-retired but is actively involved as a voluntary catechist working in his parish with primary students in the government school.

His concern was the ageing material that was in use in the catechetic programs and wanted to know how he could access content we produce for Australian Catholics. His parish does not subscribe to our magazine, and the online materials are only a part of what we provide in print. I offered to send him some back issues.

This morning I received a regular email from Loyola Press in Chicago. They are the largest Catholic publisher in the USA and are deeply involved in primary school texts. Each week, they publish a comprehensive bulletin called Sunday Connection. Content includes liturgy resources for the upcoming Sunday for classrooms for grades – 1-3, 4-6, 7-8 and family. Click here to access it.

For the last five weeks, we have featured articles from our Madonna magazine which we hope has been beneficial to you. The magazine contains in-depth prayer and spirituality resources. Click here to get your copy of the current issue.

Our Church has enormous resources, and often we forget their depth. They are all gifts of the Spirit. If you have some suggestions on resources you access, please share them with me at

Live in hope,
Damien Nolan
Jesuit Communications


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Reflection: The Lord has prepared a banquet

Reflection: The Lord has prepared a banquet


This week's readings remind us that God desires to be generous to us. He not only invites all to share in his great feast of life, but also fills us with his strength - the power of Christ at work within each one of us. Isaiah describes the banquet the Lord has prepared for all people on his holy mountain- a place where death is destroyed, and all can rejoice in God's saving power.




Feature: Pastoral Leaders Planners Conference

Feature: Pastoral Leaders Planners Conference


Keynote speaker Richard Gaillardetz’s conference address  'Wrestling with the Faith in Times of Scandal: Why Belonging to the Church Still Matters' challenges the concept that faith is not just intellectual thoughts, or a matter of belief in doctrine, but is primarily about love - what we love and desire and how that motivates us and drives us.






Prayers of the people

Prayers of the people


At their best wedding banquets are occasions of great joy, love and happiness. For good reason, weddings and banquets keep appearing in the scriptures as symbols of God's loving relationship with humankind. They invite us to imagine God loving us as a lover delights in the beloved.




Homilist notes

Homilist notes


Uniting the First Reading and the Gospel as a common theme today is the sense of invitation to a banquet. The First Reading, from Isaiah 25:6-10, speaks of God's designs for humanity under the image of a splendid banquet to which they are invited. 






Music: Suggestions for Sunday

Music: Suggestions for Sunday


This week's music suggestion comes from The Summit Online offering 40 years of service to liturgy teams across Australia (and internationally). Click to see suggestions for sacred music for this Sunday.




Madonna: A Search For Hope Amidst Grief

Madonna: A Search For Hope Amidst Grief


After 27 years in the funeral business, Patsy Healy has come to the fierce belief that death is not the end, but the beginning. She knows how much life and energy goes into dying. 





Digest of Catholic News


1. Australian bishops meet in Rome as Church reels from recent crisis.

2. Please treasure marriage.

3. Notes from India’s margins.

4. Catholic school students supporting migrant and refugee students.

5. Catholic school students win​ Antarctic trip.

6. Pope Francis pledges Church will work strenuously to fight child abuse.

7. Pope announces pre-synod meeting to listen to youths’ hopes, doubts.

8. Bishops deliberate whether one rule applies to all divorced people after ‘Amoris Laetitia’

9. Pope Francis: Priests must let God shape them, like a potter with clay.

10. Yes, millennials like brunch. But that’s not why they’re skipping Mass.

11. Perth Archbishop’s Mental Health Week message: ‘Will they see in us the face of Jesus?’

12. Archbishop of Paris: 'The essential thing is the way in which Christians behave'




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