Welcome to our Newest Members

Photo from left: Dean Fonseca, Daniel Magadia, Chris McPhee (Provincial Superior), Khoi Nguyen (Pre-novitiate Director & Assistant Parish Priest), Trieu Nguyen, Daniel O'Connor and Frank Dinneen (Vocations Director)


Reception Liturgy For Pre-novices;
A Reflection by Khoi Nguyen msc

This simple liturgy was a meaningful and grace-filled event both for our pre-novices and people involved. Let me, in this short reflection, say a bit more on these two aspects - meaningful and grace-filled - that I experienced.

First, it was a meaningful event because it acknowledged long and careful discernment that these young men, from different parts of Australia and the wider world, from different walks of life, had been doing with the assistance of our Vocations Director, Frank Dineen, in regard to their life calling. Some of them had been discerning their calling to the MSCs for already a few years, some less than that; but all of them trusted that God was calling them to our community, our charism and our mission. The reception liturgy also acknowledged the MSC’s recognition of these men’s calling so allowing and calling them to continue and broaden their journey of listening and following their hearts’ desires for Jesus’ heart and its calling.

“What are you looking for?” Chris McPhee, our Provincial Superior, emphasised this question which Jesus put to John the Baptist’s disciples as they followed him. Chris urged our pre-novices and all to keep asking the question in exploring and exposing our heart desires with and to Jesus.

Second, the liturgy was grace-filled because these young men, through such liturgy, would surely enough have experienced a gift of love and a gift of strength in order to step into the journey that had awaited them. These gifts of love and strength are endowed both by the community that was present with them and God. In a sense, the community and God are always one in giving the grace to the participating persons in ritual, sacrament or liturgy.

It was a blessing to see our young men starting to explore their calling and longing with Jesus in God’s infinite love in a deeper way, in the context of a community. It was a blessing to see these men as a sign that the Holy Spirit is still very much at work, still stirring people’s hearts for God’s mission in the world today. It was a blessing for me, personally, to start a new journey with them.

Someone once said to me: “Destination is not a matter at all when one just starts out on an adventure. The important thing is to enjoy the ride!” Well, no one would properly enjoy all parts of any ride of life. But if there is no fear, scare or challenge on a ride, it would not be an adventure at all. Without an adventure, one will never leave home...

The Reception Liturgy for our Pre-novices this year was on the 25th of January at St Thomas the Apostle Church, Blackburn. Present on the day were the Provincial Superior, Chris McPhee, the Formation Director and Vocations Director, Frank Dineen, the Pre-novitiate Director, Khoi Nguyen, along with the MSC community in Melbourne, MSC and OLSH sisters, other Melbournian religious and parishioners of Blackburn Parish. Daniel Magadia’s mum and brother, Maria and David, from Adelaide, were also there, along with friends of other pre-novices.