Our Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly and seeks to be involved in three areas:

  1. By becoming familiar with all aspects of parish life it advises and assists the Parish Priest in policy matters and decision making related to the parish as a whole.
  2. It seeks to co-ordinate and to stimulate the various lay organisations operating within the parish without regulating or interfering with their mode of operation.
  3. It continually reviews the needs of the parish and initiates activities, where required, to meet these needs.

Our Team Members for 2018 are:

Anand Rego (Chair), Fr. Terry Bowman (Parish Priest), Angela Lacey (School Principal), Sr. Margaret  Burchell, (Pastoral Associates), Caren Garlick (Pastoral Associate, Youth Ministry), Anne Marmion,  Mary-Anne Measey,  Marco Negro, Andrew Dyer, Vikram Fernandes, Bernadette Collins


St Thomas’ Liturgy Committee meets on a monthly basis to oversee and co-ordinate all Liturgical activity in the Parish. As  well as developing guidelines for Liturgy Preparation Groups, Lectors & Commentators, Special Ministers, Altar Servers and Church Music, the Liturgy committee also has the responsibility of making sure that church maintenance and decoration –wall hangings, flowers etc, are up to standard. Rosters for the various participants in Liturgy are maintained where appropriate and special events on the Liturgical Calendar such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost require careful planning. At present there are fourteen members of this committee. We are fortunate to have a number of experienced liturgists within the group and we would welcome new members who would like to participate.  The contact person for this committee is Maureen Johnson.


The Children’s Liturgy program in the parish is held on most Sundays at the 10.30am Mass during the school year. At the beginning of Mass, the priest invites children to attend children’s liturgy in the meeting room at the back of the church. Two parents run the program reading the children’s gospel, joining in some prayers, a simple discussion, and an activity to highlight the gospel story. The children then bring up the offertory gifts and return to the church congregation. It’s an opportunity for younger children in particular to understand the gospel. Parents are more than welcome to accompany little children. Parents, grandparents or younger persons are welcome to join our team.  The contact person for this is Jeanette Mannix.


In the foyer of  the Church, this stall provides a variety of religious items and magazines. A group of volunteers  manage the stall at each Sunday Mass. Proceeds from the Piety Stall go to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. The contact person/s for this stall are Patricia Northrop, Lynn Watson and Verna Hawkins.


Our group has over fifty members and meets  at 10:30 am every Monday at the Presbytery.  We are among the parish's most important "works of mercy", assisting the disadvantaged across Blackburn, Blackburn Nth., Forest Hill and East Burwood. The work is often challenging, but strongly supported via the State Office of the “Vinnies” in Box Hill. Our gospel oriented activity covers emergency food, clothing, furniture and other material assistance to all in need, plus a weekly bread run, visiting the sick and frail, and support for asylum seekers and refugees. Grace Mizzy is the Chair for this group.


Under the heading of:

  • Confidentiality,
  • Acceptance,
  • Reliability and
  • Empathy,

The Caring Group of volunteers provide occasional help to parishioners in need by prayer, support and emergency meals. They also supply, on request, a catering service for bereaved families following requiem Mass.

If you are aware of a particular need, our co-coordinators welcome your personal contact or a phone call.  Contact persons for this are Maree Ransom and Helen Newton for the parish and Janette Mannix for the school.


Parents are most welcome to attend the St Thomas the Apostle Playgroup which meets in the Out of School Care (OHSC) room weekly on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:00 am during the school term. Playgroup provides an opportunity for the children to play freely with minimal structure. It is also an opportunity for the parents/carers (and sometimes grandparents) to meet with other adults for a cuppa and a chat in a very friendly and casual atmosphere. Everyone is most welcome – children 0-5 years of age. The contact  person for this is Julie O’Donnell.


This is co-ordinated by Sr. Margaret Burchell.

For more information on any of these services or to register your interest, please call the parish office on 9878 0818.