St. Thomas' RCIA group offers an informal program of discussion for inquirers interested in discovering something of the issues surrounding our faith life. The group acts on behalf of the Parish community to welcome, instruct, and initiate new members into the Church. The group meets every two weeks as an informal discussion group, in a journey which will take about twelve months and concludes at Easter, though there isn’t a rigid timetable.

One of the RCIA team leads a Scripture discussion, and another presents a topic important to our faith and the life of the Church, e.g. What are the Scriptures? Understanding the Sacraments; Faith; Prayer; Caring Parish Communities; and question time. Our evening concludes enjoying Parish hospitality over tea or coffee and there are no late nights. Participants invariably find the small group program rewarding.  Our contact person for this is Quentin Bailey.


We conduct catechetic classes for all children attending government schools.  These classes cover Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation and run during the school term.  Please refer to our 2018 Catechetics Enrolment for St Thomas' Parish for 2018 for more information.

Please contact the Parish Office for more information on 9878 0818.