Stewardship Program 2019

Stewardship Program Week 3 – Community



Welcome to week three of our Parish Stewardship Program.

This week celebrates the role of our parish as a community of faith – as an authentic community where people are welcomed, known and loved.

It is a place of care, support and outreach – with a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel.

This means that we all have a responsibility to use our gifts and talents for the benefit of others – making our time available to be involved in one of our many groups and ministries.  We all have a contribution to make – so have a look at the “Groups & Ministries” list to see what best suits you.

At Masses this weekend we will hear from members of the Parish Leadership team who will talk about the impact our faith and our parish has made in their lives and how important it is for us all to make our contributions to parish life.

This weekend we will be having a Ministry Expo. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Our Parish future forum is next Wednesday the 27th February. Sessions are at 10:00am & 7:30pm—both in the church. This forum is to discuss parish achievements, plans and values. Everyone is welcome!


Ministry Focus

St Thomas’ Social Group
Our Emphasis is on providing affordable enjoyable opportunities for social and community life in our parish. Events such as Bus Trips, Walking Groups, Lunches, Film Nights, Book Clubs, Card/Scrabble Nights, are all coordinated by this group providing many opportunities for parishioners, young and old, to meet together and form friendships. Our social group is set up for you, the parishioners. Details can be found in the Apostle Magazine and Parish Newsletter.

St Thomas’ Care Group
Under the heading of Confidentiality, Acceptance, Reliability and Empathy, the Caring group of volunteers provide occasional help to parishioners in need by prayer, support and emergency meals. They also supply, on request, a catering service for bereaved families following requiem Mass. If you are aware of particular need please contact the parish office. Our coordinators welcome your phone calls.


Click here to view the Groups and Ministries form

Thoughts from our Leadership Team

Why is it important to be actively involved in Parish Groups and Ministries?

“The basis of our community is active engagement and involvement in our parish participation; our groups and ministries is a wonderful way to do this – and grow as an individual.” ~ Andrew

“You’re actively giving back to the community a part of yourself to share your gifts”  

“We are the parish. If we don’t get involved, there is no parish. It is what we make it!”

“Because the church is a community and often referred to as a “family” which is how I regard it.”

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