October 25th - 30th  Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Thoughts on the Gospel

What is a Commandment?

It's like 'rules' that were from God. He gave us these to help us live a good life - a life that is pleasing to him.  We have rules everywhere we go - in our school, homes, places we visit, and we have to follow rules all the time.   One of the things that Jesus came to do was to help us understand exactly how God wanted us to live.

Jesus says that to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind is the greatest commandment and the second is to Love your neighbour as yourself.

Jesus narrowed the commandments down to two key things: Love God and love others.

Jesus said that the number one rule was to love God with heart, soul, and mind. That means that everything we do, think, or say should be done with God in mind. He is the most important thing.

Jesus also said that we should love our neighbour as ourselves. That isn’t just the person who lives next door, but all of the people we come in contact with. Jesus said that when we do those things—love God and love our neighbour, everything else comes into place.

The other laws all hang on love. If we truly love God first and foremost, then we will want to follow His other commandments, too!

Now, this isn’t always easy, of course. Sometimes people are hard to love. When others say unkind things or argue, we might want to be rude back at them. When rules seem unfair, we might want to disrespect the people who made them. We might even grow frustrated following God’s laws, and we will probably mess them up somehow!

The good news is that we know Jesus perfectly kept the Law on our behalf, and died for us to show God’s love. He knew that the greatest of all is love. He loved others, and still loves us. Because of that, we can share His love with those around us, no matter what they might do to us. And when that seems hard, we can ask God to help us. Why don’t we take a moment to do that right now? Let’s pray.

Activities to do at home:

  • Pray - together as a family. Take some time to pray for those people and things that are difficult that keep us from following what God wants us to do.  Ask for God's help.
  • *Love others as you love yourself!   Do something special this week to honour and love yourselves.
  • Learn what the 10 commandment are.



The Ready, Set, Pray! Children’s Liturgy of the Word @ Home video series provides an engaging space for families to encounter Jesus through the Sunday gospel.


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